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Square Electrical PVC Wire Ducts
Square Electrical PVC Wire Ducts
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Detailed description




1. Description of PVC Wire Ducts

Material High Density PVC
Size 16x16mm,25x16mm...100x50mm 
Thickness 0.6-2.0mm
Color White/White Blue
Length 2.9m or customized
Performance With sticker or without sticker
Standard  EN/13245-2/2005 
Business Manufacturer or OEM


2. Main Features of PVC Wire Ducts

 Impact Strength

Resistant to compression and impact, suitable to be buried in concrete  


Good insulation, able to resist 25KV voltage, assuring a safe system


With self-extinguishing function


Resistant to acids, bases and salts, lower maintenance cost and longer useful life. 

Smooth Surface

Small friction and high flow capacity to ensure the cables go through smoothly

Easy Installation

Light weight, easy to cut, transport, bent and handle; easy connecting and threading joining without leakage 


3.Specification of PVC Wire Ducts

Following size is our current size for the Plastic Cable Channels, and custom sizes are accepted.




16X16 0.63/0.80/1.00  40
20X10 0.45/0.55/0.70  50
24X14 0.65/0.75  50
25X16 0.63/0.72/1.00  25
25X25 0.75/0.95  20
40X16 0.60/0.80/1.00  20


0.75/0.90  20
40X25 0.68/0.76/1.00/1.20  10
40X40 1.38  10
50X25 1.00  10
50X50 1.10/1.25   4
59X22 0.85/1.10  10
60X40 1.20/1.40   6
75X50 1.25/1.50   2
75X75 1.30/1.50   2
100X27 0.90/1.20   5
100X40 1.35/1.50   2
100X60 1.65/1.90    2 
100X100 1.60/2.00   1

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