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PVC Square Cable Duct
PVC Square Cable Duct

Detailed description

PVC Square Cable Duct

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  • Our PVC cable duct has passed CE, SGC certification
  • Test Standard: EN 61357:2007
  • Our combustion-proof  pvc cable duct has strength tenacity, and are fire proofing, damp proof, acerbity

    resistant, aging resistant.

  • We offer customized products according to the specific drawing&samples. 

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PVC Wire Trunking Item & Picture 

Siz(W*H) mm Thickness(mm)   


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PVC Wire Trunking

10x10 mm


15x10 mm 0.55/0.80

16x16 mm




20x10 mm 0.45/0.55/0.70
20x12 mm 0.50/0.60/0.80
23x13 mm 0.65/0.75
24x14 mm 0.65/0.7
25x16 mm 0.63/0.72/1.00
25x25 mm 0.75/0.95
30x15 mm 0.60/0.76
38x17 mm 0.80/0.90
40x16 mm 0.60/0.80/1.00
40x25 mm 0.68/0.76/1.00/1.20
40x30 mm 1.00/1.20
40x40 mm 1.38
50x25 mm 1.00


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  PVC  Square Wire Trunking                            


50x50 mm 1.10/1.25
59x22 mm 0.85/1.10
60x30 mm 1.10
60x40 mm 1.20/1.40
60x60 mm


75x50 mm 1.25
75x75 mm 1.30/1.50
80x40 mm 1.35
80x50 mm 1.40/1.70
99x27 mm 0.90/1.20
100x40 mm 1.35/1.50

100x50 mm

100x60 mm 1.65/1.90
100x75 mm 1.65/2.00
100x100 mm 1.60/2.00
100x150 mm 2.00


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  PVC ARC-Floor Trunking                          


35x10 mm  1.75
50x15 mm  1.60
70x20 mm  2.00


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 PVC Compartment Trunking                                  

100x50 mm


(3 compartment)

100x50 mm


(4 compartment)

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  • Since the past few years development, our factroy has been the professional manufacturer of PVCconduct, pipes, PVC-U drainage pipelines and so on.
  • we have 50-plus assembly lines, including 80 injection machines, which greatly enhance the capacity of production.
  • All of our products are approved by Guangdong Quality Supervision &Testing Institute before going to the market.
  • Our factory obtained the ISO9001 certification.


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